Sunday, May 13, 2012


Malipayon ko nga ikaw ang nahimong suga sa akong kinabuhi
Ang walay makalabaw nga gugma mo nabati ko gayud
Maghinaut ko nga lugwayan pa ug daku ang imong    pangidarun
Aron matagamtaman mo ang walay pagduhaduha nga pasalamat  ko


May you continue in keeping me happy
On trials, may you have more strength
There you are smiling, waiting for me to bloom beautifully
Hoping that everything will be great
Even though you want me to do it fast and easy
Rest assured that home is when I'm with you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SEAL your lips

Save it for telling and spreading the good things in life
Express your love in verbal but sincere ways
Appreciate the good deeds done by others
Leave a smile to those you talked with

your lips!



Sensitivity on keeping my mouth shut if necessary especially if I have no good to say
Exertion of  effort to make people feel that they are love though it's quite difficult to do so
Concerned for others even though they don't to accept and appreciate it
Remembering and  checking of friends once in a while, the old and new ones
Enthusiasm in becoming the best of what and who I am, mediocrity will lead me nowhere
Thinking that I'm here in this planet for a reason, I'm part of someone's existence and purpose in life



Initiating the first move to make someone happily blessed
Nurturing the relationships I have right now, may it be family or friends

Living the life forever grateful and positive
Overwhelming the people around with tenderness & care 
Very generous in showing love and affection especially to kids and oldies
Ever loyal to my principle of spreading happiness and goodness to all!


Best experiences carried all the years
In trials, you succeed with no fears
Remembering the good times that make you better
Taste of failure is not totally a big unfortunate  matter
Home is where you find within you
Dares to move forward searching for clues
As days of existence goes to further mile
You celebrate life each day with heartfelt smile!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

LOVE in different WAYS...

LOVE will always be symbolized by the shape of the heart...

Afternoon delight...

In the Philippines, summer means unstoppable warm and hot weather... one of the ways to cool down is...

to eat
with pizza.... : )

Flowers of all sorts

In our yard, you will find different kinds of flowers. Here are some of them!

Gumamela from the heart... One of the different colored gumamela plant collection of my mom...

 Ornamental plants with flower... Courtesy of my mom...

Mighty Orchids... My father's fav...

Tomato flowers... the 1st batch of my father's garden tomato plant...

Kangkong flower... My mom planted this in our yard...

CATS & More

Ours cats are part of our family. We treated and talked to them as if they are our siblings. It's my fathers passion and love for these feline creatures that brought us together as one big happy family. They are no longer animals but family and I want you all to meet them.

This is Missy (as named by  our little girl neighbor)  The most loyal mother cat of all times. She is been with us for 4 years now. We love her so much.

This is Princess, the most beautiful of all our cats. She is so sweet but you should never leave her alone in the kitchen because she will never fail to sabotage the dish for meal time.

This is Kuya, the loner. He don't want attention and loves to be alone. We barely see him play with other cats. 

(I have no recent pics for the two additional member Favorite and Bulingit. I will just post it later.)