Friday, April 27, 2012

The Unmoved Leaf

As the night went by...
The wind seems hiding to offer life
No visible traces of its existence
Drives me to fight for my core
The trees so regal in kingly state
But creations seems not to care
The leaf is unmoved
Is it dead or just still?


A pencil will make you write for miles
The ordinary stature it has in our busy world
May not be much known especially to those
Who use it more and more to make a living
It will never allow mankind to survive alone
For it is destine stay and be a blessing to everyone.


You keep a secret that only the two of us know
It may be revealed soon than I want to show
But the world never seems to care
I pressed and taped the edges
For you will be with me through ages

Unknown Flower

In edge of the brook, you will see
A flower not known by many
Her beauty hidden in the bushes
It broke her heart for so long
Cause no one seems to care at all
A stranger came to give an eye
But just smiled and left her with a sigh
Her dreams almost come to end
And her death will surely be in pain.


I’ve decided to see the other side of the mountain
And leave the love I have for quite a long time
It may cause a total pain in my little heart
And regrets may be considered perhaps
But I want to discover what’s in the other side
And tell them of what I have keep within
It may sound so queer and unlikely to learn
But I know one day, my love will be proud of me.


I walked with sheer determination
I know, I will move further and
The road leads to successful journey
I stop and think for awhile
I’m certain, I can go another mile
Another way, where no one tries
I hold my breathe and close my eyes
Nothing is wrong with my state of mind
Fearful but with courage to do something
I will go another path and experience more smile
What it can offer, I never know
But it will be for the best and that’s for sure.


I wept in midst of laughter
For life is all that matter
I never thought I will soar
For I was attacked by beast and boar
Mighty Father is my power
He leads me to a peaceful tower
Where all you have is happiness
And no one cried in loneliness.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In time you will learn,

Loneliness is just temporary
Obstacles are quite imaginary
Vanity is totally unsealed
Ever hidden secrets revealed

Years may passed unknowingly
Overwhelming happiness shared sincerely
Understands you until eternity.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"My Stranger Husband"-Story...Salt & Pepper (Break-Up Stories & Beyond) Part 2

I will be telling 5 different stories of how two people who are totally in love decided to end their story.

“My Stranger Husband”

Last night, I was stricken by lightning that I couldn’t hold on the pain until this morning. Andrei and I have been married for two years. We’re happy couple and we spent time together whenever his free from work (he works abroad). Everything goes well with our relationship. Every time where together it’s just as if we just first met. My world revolves around him and our future plans.

Not unless last night… Andrei was sent to the hospital because he collapsed, just then I’ve learned that he had a stage 4 cancer. There also I met Elisa, his wife for 5 years. They were married in America.

I felt numb and I want to die right there and then. The most ironic part was Elisa’s knowledge of Andrei’s relationship with me. My love for Andrei is beyond measure but I’ve broke up with him in front of Elisa. I cried a lot because he lied to me and he’s dying too.  The pain strained me to drift in forever sleep but I will bear this for a while. I’ll just go home and heal myself…

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Salt & Pepper (Break-Up Stories & Beyond) Part 1

LOVE will...
makes you smile...
turn your world around...
quench your thirst...
wipe away tears...
keep you moving...
give reason to fight...
pacify angry heart...
give hope more chance...
surpass all odds...
keep you ALIVE!

Salt & Pepper are needed to make the dish taste well and delicious, that's how I also look at Breaking Up. You will never learned and become better if you haven't experience pain in LOVE...

Beautiful events helps retain the pain
Raging with self-pity and uncertainty
Ever hopeful for a happy ending
And hold on to last fiber of two in one soul
Keeps on wishing for another start...

Unwavering pain of hurtful Love
Praying that it will stay above...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I know someday...
You'll leave me...
It pains but true...
I cried once...
You left without a glance...
A seconds chance was pleaded...
You've lost your faded true heart...
And came back for second chance...
I'm happy for a moment...
But I cried again
You ran after the train...
Seen upon the window pane...
Whom you thought can ease pain
I bow with sadness
For love hurts twice.