Sunday, April 15, 2012

"My Stranger Husband"-Story...Salt & Pepper (Break-Up Stories & Beyond) Part 2

I will be telling 5 different stories of how two people who are totally in love decided to end their story.

“My Stranger Husband”

Last night, I was stricken by lightning that I couldn’t hold on the pain until this morning. Andrei and I have been married for two years. We’re happy couple and we spent time together whenever his free from work (he works abroad). Everything goes well with our relationship. Every time where together it’s just as if we just first met. My world revolves around him and our future plans.

Not unless last night… Andrei was sent to the hospital because he collapsed, just then I’ve learned that he had a stage 4 cancer. There also I met Elisa, his wife for 5 years. They were married in America.

I felt numb and I want to die right there and then. The most ironic part was Elisa’s knowledge of Andrei’s relationship with me. My love for Andrei is beyond measure but I’ve broke up with him in front of Elisa. I cried a lot because he lied to me and he’s dying too.  The pain strained me to drift in forever sleep but I will bear this for a while. I’ll just go home and heal myself…

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