Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I looked up and saw flocks of birds…
Telling me…
“No man is an island”
I walked straight and saw lot of trees
Telling me…
“Life is full of challenges”
I climbed higher and saw the farthest sea…
Telling me…
“The world has lot of things to offer”
I sat comfortably and saw a monkey swaying…
Telling me…
“Have time to play”
I slept under the moonlight and constellations…
Telling me…
“Dream high”
I went home and saw the beautiful sun…
Telling me…
“Whether you succeeded or not I am here to give you light.”


I could no longer fake a smile
Or laugh honestly for a while
Kneeling and fingers crossed
Keeping the last fiber of my soul...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I was walking down the aisle of uncertianty
My white gown flows among the ladies of the night
I touch the silky water under the moonlight
My bones shiver of what I thought as happiness

I dance merrily in the bright darkness
My body seems wrecking all the more
I stopped and raise my head high
My mind told me this not reality

I am awake but no longer sane
My eyes searched for someone
I saw a tunnel with a silhouette 
My weakening soul crawl towards it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012



Thursday, February 23, 2012

A cup of coffee

In times when you think life seems so unfair, close your eyes
In times when you feel life seems so weary, smell the aroma
In times when you need someone to hold on to...
Just hold the cup and sip a bit...
Think of  what goodness coffee have...
Sometimes a cup of it will straight things up...

Unanswered Prayer

I prayed that God will give me a beautiful house and a nice car. It seems so reachable cause God owns all this things on Earth but I never received an answer. I'm totally disappointed and ended up losing hope & faith. I see life in a most weary manner.

I thought life just go on as it is. One evening, a young lady came to me and said "Madam, have you seen that tall building with beautiful lights." I was stunned and followed her pointing finger. I felt very nervous. How can you see a tall building in this side of the town. All I can see is darkness and little light from post of the road side. " My dear, I haven't seen any. Will you stop making fun of me" My little bit annoyed reply. "No, there is a building there and I am the owner" she said smiling. "Okey, fine you're just daydreaming!" I continued walking. The girl hold my hand and said "Madam, I'm just making my dreams into life and I will do my best to make it realize. I just don't want to pray, I work to make my prayers and dreams come true. I hope to see you when my building will be open" she said and walk towards the long dim lighted road and left me thinking what have I done all these years...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Favorite Song

(This is one of my favorite song)


by Rivermaya 

Am I real?
Do the words I speak before you make feel
That the love I've got for you will see no ending?
Well if you look into my eyes then you should know
That you have nothing here to doubt nothing to fear
And you can lay your questions down cause if you'll hold me
We can fade into the night and you'll know


The world would die and everything may lie
Still you shouldn't cry
'Cause time may pass
But longer than it'll last
I'll be by your side
[ Lyrics from: ]
Take my hand
And gently close your eyes so you could understand
That there's no greater love tonight than what I've for you
Well if you feel the same way for me then let go
We can journey to a garden no one knows
Life is short my darling tell me that you love me
So we can fade into the night and you'll know

The world could die and everything may lie
Still you shouldn't cry
'Cause time may pass
But longer than it'll last
I'll be by your side
Forever by your side

I want you to know
The world could lie
And everything may die
Still you shouldn't cry
'Cause time may pass
And everything won't last
I'll be by your side
Forever by your side
Forever by your side
So you won't cry


What makes life beautiful?

I go home immediately...
There I see my parents watching TV.
So heartwarming when they looked at me at the front door
As I go inside the single room of our home,
I saw my brother doing his work
And he will greet with such beautiful smile.
Every night we eat dinner together
And laugh at each others' daily experiences
Now, What makes life beautiful?
Cherishing every moment you have with the people 
You consider family...

Life is too short...
Yes, it is true,
If you spent it ALONE!

Falls In Love with...

Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu... I was really enchanted by its beauty the first time I saw it. It's rare to find a place wherein no much renovations done to make it appealing to the visitors. It's totally natural!

Food with Love

Food will always be a part of expressing our love... It is not how delicious it taste... but it is the laughter and fun we experienced while preparing makes it more appetizing...

Fish tinola!

My favorite especially this Lenten Season...


The music of water kissing the ground..
The tears of heaven touching the leaves...
The silence of wind soothing the pain...
The calmness of heart healing the soul...

Best in ...

Some shines alone but most of time they are at their best in...

My Matrilineal Hometown

When life is not quite on my side, I will always run to the place where many will search for me. Bantayan Island is an island away but it never stops me from going. I might have a home but I will come back to the place where part of my blood belongs.

Soon, I will come back not to take refuge but to pay homage for all the greatness my mother's hometown did to me. God really loves me for He gave me a little paradise here on heart.



(from a seminar)

3 Answers to my Prayer

When I was young, I asked God to give me someone to love. He replied "No, I want you to bloom my little one." I felt disappointed but I followed Him.

Time goes by, I found the right someone to love. I asked God if he is the one. He replied "No young lady, he will never be the right one." I've listened to him once more.

I've reached my dreams. I've never search for someone to love. God came to me one day and He said, "My daughter, just wait for a while because the someone you will love is already ready with a smile."

Teacher's Reflections

I go to work thinking...
will Ben writes better today?
will Lisa listens to my discussion?
will Andy brings his lunch box?
will Ken follows my instructions?
will Debbie wears clean dress?
will Craig comes early?
will all of my students present today?

I smiled, knowing that...
Ben knows I will give extra time teach him how to write
Lisa knows I will never get tired of making her listen
Andy knows I will bring extra food for students like him
Ken knows I will continue to give instructions until he does it himself
Debbie knows I will appreciate it more if she wears clean dress
Craig knows I will be early for him
All of my students will be present today because they know I love them
in their own different ways.

Haiku of mine

1. Rose walks the aisle
    On St. Peter & Pauls' month
    Red anthurium lingers

2. Leaves touch by cool breeze
    Kissing in great tenderness
    My love but a dream

3. Butterfly visits
    In the pale garden of mine
    Green with color now

4. Typhoon makes better
    Standing alone in the midst
    Perfectly breathing

5. Merry voices heard
    Sky almost broke a tear
    Other day again

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I scribble once in a while
I type most of the time

I stand and think once in a while
I sit and move most of the time

I shop and stroll once in a while
I leave and go home most of the time.


Will color the world with different hues
On darkness will shine giving no blues
Man can't live without her kind
Always there to share her mind
Never leave without a sign.


You are the reason of why I feel in love with writing and tried my best to do blogging. I hate going out of my comfort zone but you pushed me here (making a blog out of curiosity). Now, I am a blogger and the best of all a teacher. Just wondering who will I push further more... Love you teacher!

New love affair...

I'm in love...
not with scrolls but tabs...
I left my old one for awhile...
cause the new one entice my eye...
Soon the new one & old one
will be my new love affair...


I was enchanted by the pages of  him
I feel in love with his fruitful letters
He remains strong and resilient through ages
I reach the end leaf but wanting to know more
He is the book that I want to dust off.

3Rs for Women

Reach out - express your love (smiling is a good start!)
Rise - discover what you can do/ your strengths & skills (enhance it!)
Reveal - be open and express yourself (learn new things & have new friends!)

Not Until

Not until...
   Suffering eases
Not until...
   Hurt subsides
Not until...
   Tears run dry
Not until...
   Faith grows
Not until...
  Love reigns
Not until...
  Hope lives
Not until...
  God stays in me.


     I thought you are
    I became
As I set my eyes on you...
May our hearts entwine...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank you!

Thank You
By Cherrelyn B. Wenceslao

To those who embraced me with love
Hold me tight in their comforting arms
Always there in whatever color of my day and
Never stop encouraging me to move forward
Keeping me safe in all days of my life

You showed me that there is God
Out there waiting for me to bloom
Under the beautiful sun.