Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unanswered Prayer

I prayed that God will give me a beautiful house and a nice car. It seems so reachable cause God owns all this things on Earth but I never received an answer. I'm totally disappointed and ended up losing hope & faith. I see life in a most weary manner.

I thought life just go on as it is. One evening, a young lady came to me and said "Madam, have you seen that tall building with beautiful lights." I was stunned and followed her pointing finger. I felt very nervous. How can you see a tall building in this side of the town. All I can see is darkness and little light from post of the road side. " My dear, I haven't seen any. Will you stop making fun of me" My little bit annoyed reply. "No, there is a building there and I am the owner" she said smiling. "Okey, fine you're just daydreaming!" I continued walking. The girl hold my hand and said "Madam, I'm just making my dreams into life and I will do my best to make it realize. I just don't want to pray, I work to make my prayers and dreams come true. I hope to see you when my building will be open" she said and walk towards the long dim lighted road and left me thinking what have I done all these years...

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