Sunday, May 6, 2012

CATS & More

Ours cats are part of our family. We treated and talked to them as if they are our siblings. It's my fathers passion and love for these feline creatures that brought us together as one big happy family. They are no longer animals but family and I want you all to meet them.

This is Missy (as named by  our little girl neighbor)  The most loyal mother cat of all times. She is been with us for 4 years now. We love her so much.

This is Princess, the most beautiful of all our cats. She is so sweet but you should never leave her alone in the kitchen because she will never fail to sabotage the dish for meal time.

This is Kuya, the loner. He don't want attention and loves to be alone. We barely see him play with other cats. 

(I have no recent pics for the two additional member Favorite and Bulingit. I will just post it later.)

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